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As an industry leader in the manufacture of both primary and secondary packaging equipment, Bosch offers a variety of methods in which to package your products.  The primary packaging line provided by Bosch includes bag sealers and closers, flow wrappers, vertical form fill and seal machines, and robotic packaging.  Each of these equipment types is manufactured with a variety of features to meet your specific product needs.  Once the product is sealed in its primary packaging, Bosch also offers carton forming, tray forming, carton closing, and tray closing secondary packaging applications to prepare your product for shipment to consumers.  In both the primary packaging and secondary packaging applications, Bosch offers technologically advanced robotic handling to aid product flow requirements of the packaging process.  In addition to offering packaging equipment, Bosch also has the experience and expertise to automate part or all of your production line using our Module++ integration capabilities.  Whether you’re looking for one machine or a whole line let Bosch use their six decades of experience to provide you with a solution that is innovative, fast, reliable, and cost effective.

Individual Product Details:

  • Bag sealing and bag closing
  • Horizontal flow wrapping
  • Vertical form fill & seal
  • Robotic product handling
  • Carton/Tray forming and closing
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    Complete line automation and integration

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