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METTLER TOLEDO Hi-Speed offers a wide range of in-motion weighing solutions to meet the needs of manufacturers seeking to optimize their process through individual weights of individual products.  With the ability to weigh and reject each and every product seamlessly in your production line, METTLER TOLEDO Hi-Speeds checkweighers can inspect your products with feedback in real time.  The real time feedback capability allows our checkweighers to communicate with other plant equipment such as filler heads and continuous baggers to optimize the product weight and reduce product giveaway.  Along with real time adjustments of your production process, our checkweighers can simultaneously generate production data and statistical information that will aid the overall quality control of your product line.  Using a METTLER TOLEDO Hi-Speed checkweigher will ensure that consumers routinely receive products with the correct net or gross weight displayed on your product label, therefore protecting the most important part of your business, the brand.

Individual Product Details:

  • Beltweigh Checkweighers
    Designed to weigh individualized products on a conveyor belt system
  • Chainweigh Checkweighers
    Designed to weigh your cylindrical shaped product at a high production rate
  • Case Scale Checkweighers
    Designed to weigh large bags and/or boxes of products
  • Starweigh
    Designed for pharmaceutical applications in which bottles are weighed with high accuracy at fast speeds.

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