Tuff Tank Combo Bins


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Does your production process require product to be stored in bulk form, transferred in bulk from one point inside your plant to another, or possibly shipped in bulk to another plant?  Tuff Tank combo bins are specifically designed for transportation, drainage, and storage of bulk product.  With our specially constructed bins made from polyethylene to meet all USDA and FDA requirements for food processing applications, Tuff Tank combo bins offer a durable cost effective solution to the processing of bulk product.  Our combo bins are made with reinforced rims to ensure long lasting durability in harsh production environments, and have an array of options to customize the bins to your precise needs.  The bins can be made in a range of colors, with or without drain plugs, and with stenciling depending on your requirements.  Whether you decide to use our 200 series single piece bins that integrate a pallet into the mold, or decide to go with the 100 series bins which have detachable pallets all Tuff Tank bins are nestable and stackable.  Both models are available with lids as well to ensure that foreign material doesn’t fall into the product during storage or transportation.  Tuff Tank combo bins are an economical and efficient method of processing bulk product while still conforming to all regulatory requirements for food quality and safety.

Individual Product Details:

  • 100 Series two piece bins
    Designed with a detachable pallet.
  • 200 Series one piece bins
    Designed with a pallet integrated into the mold.
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    Replacement Pallets
    Replacement pallets are available for the 100 series bins.

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